Tawang Tourist Place- Arunachal Pradesh


Tawang is the ultimate delight for spiritual seekers nature lovers and adventure seekers with its treasure of monasteries lakes and dizzying peaks. The city has been home to the people of moon petrm and has a number of viewpoints offering mesmerizing views of the stunning scenery. One sela pass  is one of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world. The road that connects to Wagoner own Arunachal Pradesh with Guwahati in Assam and offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and valleys located near sela Lake. The sela pass is certainly one of the most visit places to see inter Wong for nature lovers and adventure junkies. The summer and spring is the ideal time to visit sailor paths as roads are usually blocked during winter months due to heavy snowfall sailor passes rightly called the heaven on earth to pine content so lake is blessed with fresh air lush flora and overwhelming tranquility encircled by bright and beautiful rhododendron flowers pine content so Lake is the ideal spot for bird-watching plan to visit this Mesmer click in summer months during winter fine content. So lake freezes and acts as skiing ground for locals and tourists tree Tawang monastery the second largest monastery in asia and the largest in india is that a wang monastery it was established by Mara alarm Eleuthera Gaston during the 17th century.

Tawang Monastery

 Tawang is situated amidst picturesque landscape followers of Buddhism attached high importance to Tawang monastery as it is a centre where young Buddhist monks learn about the essence of Buddhist culture. The amazing collection of manuscripts books and other artifacts in the monastery increases its value multifold for neuron hang waterfalls. Tom Wong has to offer every form of nature at its best to your eyes neuronal waterfalls is one such wonderful attraction that to one golfers this spectacular 100 meter high waterfalls is located 40 kilometers away from Tawonga and it is also called as junk Falls since it is close to Jen a town between Tawonga and boom Dilla originating from northern slopes of the famous sailor past neuronal river forms the waterfalls and then plunges into tahuayo river the hydropower station nearby is open for visits 5go reaching peak to walk not only makes you feel one with nature but it stimulates the Challenger in you the rich chain Peak is the right place for the adventurer in you not only is go reaching peak the highest in Arunachal Pradesh with twenty two thousand five hundred feet height but it also poses a high challenge to trekkers. The gorgeous go retain peak offers magnificent views whether you scale the heights or not you are sure to enjoy the matchless beauty of the majestic peak. How to reach by Road Tawang is well connected to taste poor Assam and boom de la via regular buses and taxis though the cities are closer to one the journey takes a long time due to the rough roads however the scenery is what the arduous journey by flight nearest airport lokhpriya Bordoloi go peanut board the LOI International Airport Gao 166 kilometers from Tong by train. Chuang has no railway station the nearest railway station is at de is poor you can hire a cab or car from a spa to reach to Wang food into Wang.

Tawang Lake

The cuisine is a blend of traditional northeastern food and a colorful and spicy influence of Montes making it stand out a little also the richest most colorful and delicious from after Wang's food is found on its street giving birth to a vibrant Street food culture one must try the mouth-watering paratha subji. C Zhen local versions of a pancake as well as a rich biryani called Ghia pegasi other than these don't miss the staple Momo's and tuck. Best time to visit March to October.

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