Merry Christmas 2019 whatsapp Messages,SMS and greeting

"Merry Christmas : 2019"Celebration sms and greeting

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

Merry Christmas 2019: Christmas is celebrated on December 25. It is said that Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus, was born on this day. This is the time when people meet each other and celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus with great pomp. On this day, there is a holiday in every corner of the country. On the occasion of Christmas, all meet each other and distribute gifts by giving wishes.

On this occasion, a special greeting message, sms and whatsapp is sent to the loved ones. You too should not let the occasion of Christmas come and send these lovely sweet messages along with gifts to your loved ones. Below you will find messages in both English and Hindi, from which you can smile at the faces of your loved ones. 

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

Merry Christmas 2019 Whatsapp Status, Message and SMS in English 

“You make the stars sparkle more brilliant and the winter days hotter just by being a major part of my life. Merry Christmas to my preferred individual on the planet”.

“May the closeness of companions, the solace of home, and the solidarity of our country, reestablishes your spirits this merry season. Joyful Christmas to your family”.

“This the season to wish each other delight and love and harmony. These are my desires for you, Merry Christmas our dear companions, may you feel the adoration this unique day.”

“Christmas is tied in with investing energy with loved ones. It's tied in with making cheerful recollections that will endure forever. Joyful Christmas to you and your family!”

“To an upbeat present and a well-recalled past. All the best for Happy Holidays and a great New Year.”

Closest companions are to a fellowship like Christmas is to different festivals: consistently on top. Have a cheerful one.

Hottest considerations and all the best for a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. May harmony, love and success tail you generally.

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

Father Christmas or Santa Claus: During the holidays, young children in England refer to Santa Claus as Father Christmas. Before Victorian times, Father Christmas was more concerned with adult feasting and merry-making and had nothing to do with children or giving gifts and Christmas presents. He also wore a green suit, not a red one.
 Letters for Santa: During the holidays in England, instead of sending your wish lists to Santa via the mail service, you instead place your wish list of christmas presents you want for christmas in the fireplace and set it on fire. How does Santa Claus see their wish lists if it’s nothing but ash? Magic. What do you think of these differences between the holidays in America and England so far? And are you curious about other strange Christmas traditions from other countries all over the world? Well, if you want to learn more about weird Christmas traditions, make sure you stick around till the end!
Crimbo: When someone wishes you a Happy Crimbo they aren’t having a stroke, they are probably just English. Chrimbo is an English slang word for Christmas. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is used when speaking in regards to the holiday’s more secular and commercial elements.
 Boxing Day: The day after Merry Christmas in England is a holiday called Boxing Day. The day after Christmas in America (although they do celebrate Boxing day in Canada) is called December 26th. There is no agreed upon theory as to where Boxing Day gets its name, although the Oxford English Dictionary does give this definition: “the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box" and send Merry Christmas Celebration - Sms and greetings. Keep watching as we continue to count down the top differences between Christmas in America and Christmas in England! And make sure you stick around til the very end to learn about some strange Christmas traditions from other countries in the world!
 Christmas Dinner: Like in America, Christmas Dinner on Christmas day in England is a big occasion, although there are a few subtle differences. Roasted Turkey is a must for Christmas dinner in England, while American households might opt for ham or goose.
 Other slight differences that are reserved only for Christmas in England include bread sauce, which isn’t a sauce for bread, but a sauce thickened with bread, and bacon wrapped sausages.
White Christmas: While it is possible to have a white Christmas in England, more often than not, it will probably end up being a green, rainy Christmas day instead. While it doesn’t snow everywhere in America, if you are in one of the Northern States or in Canada, you can pretty much guarantee you will be getting a White Christmas. If you live in a warmer climate and have never experienced a white Christmas, well, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! It isn’t a true Christmas day if there’s no snow!

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

 Home Decor: This isn’t to say that they don’t put up Merry Christmas decor in England, but when you compare the Christmas decor Americans put up to the English, there isn’t really much competition. Like everything else, Americans do things BIG - from Christmas presents to Christmas decor, they do it all.
 Christmas desserts:  While Americans may fulfill their post-supper sweet tooth with a bit of pumpkin or walnut pie, inhabitants of England will extinguish their sugary desires with an aiding of Christmas pudding or mince pie. Christmas pudding is made out of dried organic products held together with egg and suet and seasoned with an assortment of flavors. What is a Christmas cracker exactly? Well, it isn’t the kind you eat with cheese. It is a small christmas present that opens by pulling on its two sides. When you pull on the two sides, it explodes. Nothing helps you get into the holiday spirit like a literal explosion before dinner.
 Christmas Lights: If there is one tradition that Americans would surely miss in England, it would be the lack of decorative Christmas lights. Some people in America really go all out when decorating their homes during the holidays, and it really is a sight to see. It’s a little different in England, though.
Treats for Santa: Kids in America frequently leave a few treats and milk for Santa Claus, possibly a few carrots for the reindeer. Gifts under the Christmas tree: There is nothing that gives me that Christmas-time feeling like placing gifts under the Christmas tree and opening them on Merry Christmas day. In England, however, gifts and Christmas presents are not placed under the Christmas tree; they are placed at the foot of your bed in a big stocking. Now that you know the major differences between Christmas in America and England, here are some other strange Christmas traditions from all over the world that may leave you scratching your head! Pickle Ornament.
According to Wikipedia, Krampus is a horned, "half goat, half demon" who haunts and punishes children during the Christmas season. Creepy! Roller skates: On Christmas Day in Caracas, Venezuela, hundreds of people can be seen on the street roller skating to mass. According to, some children even tie ropes to their toes that are long enough to dangle out of their window. Roller skaters pull from ropes they see swinging from windows toward the beginning of the day to awaken any kids who need to watch the occasion. Shoe hurling: Every Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic, single ladies remain outside of their front entryways and toss a shoe behind them. In the event that the shoe lands with the shoes pointing towards the entryway, it implies that the lady will be hitched inside one year. Single women, prepare your shoes! So there you have it! Some abnormal and interesting contrasts between a happy Christmas in America and  a merry Christmas in England, as well as some other strange traditions from other countries around the world. So whether it be leaving treats for Santa Claus or tossing your shoe over your shoulder to find out if you’ll get married within a year, there are all sorts of crazy, fun, and strange Christmas traditions from places all over the world and send Merry Christmas Celebration  - Sms and greetings each others. So whether you like watching Christmas movies all day and night during the holidays, singing Christmas songs at the top of your lungs. What are some Christmas traditions and Christmas songs you hold close to your heart.

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

Christmas is generally celebrated as a strict occasion this includes conventional customs such as decorating Christmas trees putting lights on shops and houses getting gifts from Santa church services and family dinners some places even hold Christmas parades on Christmas or Christmas Day people  greet each other by saying Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas when you meet someone on Christmas Day is sure to greet them with this phrase Merry Christmas. Individuals commend the occasion with their very own unique occasions and customs the most well known nourishment to eat on Christmas is turkey. Roasted turkey is a popular dish for family Christmas dinners the whole turkey is roasted and then carved during the meal it's served with dressing also called stuffing and cranberry sauce other well known side dishes are a natural corn and pureed potatoes how about we wrap up this exercise by recapping what you've realized tune in to the words and rehash after me Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Turkey well done here's a fun fact.
Which are used for Christmas in India and also about some concern tips related to Christmas in Hindi Christmas is called as Christmas. The Christmas is a surprisingly big holiday in India you can see poinsettia trees decorated around the holiday season and Families sing carols together you can find the statues of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary dressed in Indian style garments too. On Christmas Day people greet each other by saying Merry Christmas. Indians celebrate this festival or holiday with their own set of events and customs the most popular dish to eat on this day is khuswaha course what it refers to a set of Christmas goodies the selection varies from fruitcake to rose Cape - teeth right those customers who things start early in the evening and family members gather together to cook together and start sending Merry Christmas Celebration - Sms and greetings from 15 days before of Christmas. The Christmas decorations well the name of the tree is Queen City  and it is also called as Christmas tree here and normally people use this tree to decorate it and enjoy their Christmas well you have just learned how Christmas is celebrated in India and also some culture related things related to Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

Christianity is a wide margin world's biggest religion, with an expected 2.2 billion devotees. On Christmas Eve this gigantic number of people triggers their traditional Christmas celebration rituals. The world is brimming with beautiful occupants, and Christmas festivity around the globe, is in like manner wonderful. We should perceive how individuals observe Christmas around the globe.

1. Christmas Celebration in Argentina Christmas celebration begins promptly at midnight. You see lots of paper balloons go into the sky. Numerous families kick off the occasion by facilitating merry festivals in their homes, opening blessings with their friends and family, and lighting firecrackers in the early hours of the morning.
 2. Christmas Celebration in Australia Australia's Southern Hemisphere location means its summer time in December and started sending Merry Christmas Celebration - Sms and greetings around 15 days ago. Their Christmas celebration is quiet sunny. Instead of sleigh bells and cocoa, many Australians head to the beach to celebrate the holidays with a prawn lunch and a few rounds of cricket.
3. Christmas Celebration in Brazil In Brazil, Christmas festivity start close to 12 PM, as a rule with enormous family suppers, present opening, and the festival of the 'Missa do Galo' (the chicken's mass) in places of worship. Regardless of the warm tropical summer climate, topics of winter and snow are normal here.
4. Christmas Celebration in Canada Canadian children are gifted with snowy, white Christmas celebration. They bundle up in their scarves and toques, a Canadian woolen hat, to play in the snow, ice-skate, and toboggan! On Christmas Eve, they leave milk and cookies by the fireplace for Santa, and sometimes a carrot for his reindeer.
 5. Christmas Celebration in France Santa is called Père Noël in France. Though their Christmas celebration is rather similar to other Europeans. Children traditionally put their shoes out next to the fireplace in anticipation of Père Noël's arrival. If children have been good throughout the year, Père Noël will fill the shoes with gifts.
6. Christmas Celebration in Germany In nearly Every German town Christmas celebration markets open in town squares. Townspeople gather to hear brass bands, and enjoy traditional fare of the region. They eat gingerbread hearts, sugar-roasted almonds, sweets of all kinds, and drink mulled wine called, Glühwein, or apple cider and send Merry Christmas Celebration- Sms and greetings.
7. Christmas Celebration in Ghana Christmas celebration in Ghana includes the whole family. Adults dress up in costumes and hand out candy and sweets around the neighborhood.
 8. Christmas Celebration in Greece In Greece, friendly but troublesome creatures called 'kallikántzari' live most of the year in the center of the earth. Greeks perform rituals to keep these hobgoblins away. Their Christmas celebration is not just celebration indeed.
9. Christmas Celebration in Guatemala Guatemalans celebrates Christmas with fun and dancing. They wear hats called Puritina, eat Guatemalan style tamales, light firecrackers at midnight, and dance the night away with various styles of dancing. Their Christmas celebration seems pretty colorful.
10. Christmas Celebration in Iceland at Christmas time in Iceland, families give gifts of warm clothing to each member of their household. As indicated by legend, there is an alarming Christmas Cat who eats up anybody not prepared for the cold and stormy climate. Families cooperate to guarantee no one will 'go to the Christmas Cat. Of course, their Merry Christmas festivity is somewhat strange I concede!
 11. Christmas Celebration in Kyrgyzstan In Kyrgyzstan, Ayaz Ata (Grandfather Frost) comes at 12 PM on New Year's Eve and leaves shows under the New Year tree. At the point when the clock strikes 12 PM, families all through the nation light firecrackers to commend this lovely event. The urban communities become as splendid as day. Christmas festivity starts with a happy heart.
 12. Christmas Celebration in Mexico In Mexico, kids of all ages begin their Christmas celebration by breaking Piñatas. Grown-ups and youngsters have a great time by wearing a blindfold, turning around, and swinging a stick to tear open the star-formed hanging pots. At the point when the pinata is crushed open, nuts, leafy foods spill out for everybody to appreciate.
13. Christmas Celebration in New Zealand Because Christmas is in the summer in New Zealand, friends and family gather round a barbecue. Typical Christmas celebration meals include roast lamb, sometimes cooked in a 'hangi' - an underground pit or earth oven. A favorite dessert is pavlova: meringue covered in fresh fruit like strawberries and kiwifruit.
14.  Christmas Celebration in Philippines the Philippines are known for having the world's longest Christmas celebration season. Four months are considered Christmas months: September, October, November, & finally December. Christmas carols can oftentimes be heard as early as the beginning of September.
15. Christmas Celebration in Russia Russian children decorates a New Year's tree, instead of a Christmas tree. They merged Christmas celebration and New Year celebration together. So, they have long New Year celebration week rather than just one night
16. Christmas Celebration in United Kingdom In the United Kingdom, Merry Christmas celebration is incomplete without Christmas crackers. Merry makers of all ages enjoy Christmas crackers on the table at dinner. Crackers are tubes wrapped in colorful paper, with pull tabs on each end.
17. Christmas Celebration in United States Santa Claus brings the Christmas celebration in the United States. Stockings are hung on Christmas Eve. To surprise them, he climbed down their chimney, and placed precious bags of gold, in hanging stockings.
Merry Christmas 2019:  Whatsapp Messages, SMS and Greeting

“Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.” ―Margaret Thatcher.


“Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today’s Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.” ―Gladys Taber.



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